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James Nokise

James Nokise is a stand up comedian, writer, theatre maker, and poet based out of Wellington, New Zealand. He regularly tours Australian and UK festivals with his award winning, sell out stand up comedy shows. Having been nominated for Best Comedy Show at Perth Fringe World Festival in 2015 and receiving 4 star reviews in […]

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Lawrence Leung

On Tour Now Lawrence Leung” Very Strange Things” Preview Lawrence Leung is an award-winning Australian comedian/TV writer who has been performing internationally since 2001. He is known in comedy circles for his personal storytelling style, “social experiments”, quest-based solo shows and obsession with obscure or nerdy topics like puzzles, 80s childhood icons, con artists, psychology […]

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Tom Green

On Tour Now Tom Green is returning to Australia with a brand new show!  Don’t miss the funniest, most unpredictable personality born on MTV and star of cult comedy films including “Road Trip” and “Freddy Got Fingered” in a night of raw, genuine, intelligent comedy where anything-goes. Tom has graced the cover of Rolling Stone, […]

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Lawrence Mooney

With life experience as a window cleaner, customs officer, perfume salesman, stand-up comic, writer, actor, social commentator and  an acclaimed performer in his own one-man show – Lawrence Mooney has an extraordinary talent for knowing what makes people tick.   FULL BIO An Evening with Malcolm Date City Venue 28/03/18 Melbourne International Comedy Festival The Athenaeum Theatre Buy […]

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Ross Noble

On Tour Now Who is El Hablador?  It’s Ross Noble. No, but who is the one they call El Hablador?   I just said, it is Ross Noble. You know? Long hair, does stand up where he dances about the stage, spinning out all the nonsense in his head into a show. But what is the […]

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The Kransky Sisters

The Kransky Sisters feature the enigmatic talents of Annie Lee, Christine Johnston and Carolyn Johns as Mourne, Eve and Dawn Kransky. Three Oddball spinsters from rural Queensland who draw a cult following wherever they go. FULL BIO A Very Kransky Christmas Check back soon for tour dates See more touring info from The Kransky Sisters […]

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Puppetry of the Penis

The Ancient Art of Genital Origami requires its artists to have astonishing stamina, an unbelievable stretch factor and an amazing level of testicular fortitude; and leaves both men and women gasping and laughing. With intense concentration and great dexterity, the Puppeteers have performed their eye-popping ‘installations’ all the way from the West End of London […]

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