David Williams – Live

David Williams Live


David Williams presents his first hilarious recorded show. He makes his audience laugh till they cry with bayonet-sharp audience observations on topics ranging from being terrorized by magpies, to snails and why Sydney chicks are so skinny. Intrepid and famed explorer David Williams was deep in the Peruvian jungle in search of Incan treasure when he stumbled across an ancient monolithic ruin in a lost text of forgotten peoples. In the following months, living off a diet of only grubs and the power of his own rad, he managed to decipher it’s meaning and, to his surprise, discovered in the text the highly and unlikely complete script of stand up comedy. More like a prophecy that foretold of a chosen one who would take these jokes and make them known in the world so that all may share in their glory. Having never been one to shy away from prophecy David made his way back to Australia on a raft made from the bones of dead clowns, propelled by his reserve of awesome to perform his new gift at Sydney’s Comedy Store. The result is this recording. Watch it without distraction least you incur supernatural South American Wrath.

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