Jared Jekyll

Jared Jekyll "Young, Dumb & Full of Pun"

In this new show, Sydney favourite Jared Jekyll has concocted a comedy brew like no other! With a healthy dose of stand-up mixed with rap, beatboxing and absurdity - Jared Jekyll is just what the clown doctor ordered! 

Young, Dumb and Full of Pun! Combines Jared's love of hip hop music, punk rock energy and good old fashioned stand-up with a few classic Dad jokes thrown in. Jared approaches live performance with reckless abandon, throwing caution (and his filter) to the wind. On stage his skill set seems limitless, blending music, beatboxing, rapping, magic tricks and most importantly a steady stream of witty jokes delivering a frenetic live comedy performance that is not for the faint hearted! 

Don't miss Jared Jekyll when he brings his original, inhibition-free comedy show to a stage near you. 

"Jekyll fits into no stereotypical labels; his reverberating intensity is both terrifying and mesmerising to watch. He holds it together like Tarzan's Grip while in character" - YAWP Comedy Magazine

"One of the most promising (and certainly the most energetic) comedians to come out of Sydney" - Theatre Press Melbourne



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