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Show us your roots

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Show us your Roots is Australia’s only Multicultural Stand-Up Comedy spectacular. With representatives from Italy, India, Russia, Ireland, Vietnam, the U.S.A., Turkey and Indigenous Australia, Show Us Your Roots is an opportunity to take a tongue-in-cheek look at what makes us laugh.

The show has performed at sell-out seasons at the National Multi-Cultural Festival in Canberra, the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Some of the names will be more familiar than others – Steve Abbott (a.k.a. Sandman) makes his DVD debut as “himself”, delighting us with his twisted Siberian take on life in our rather brown land. Desh (Indian decent, South African born & Qld raised) has been a regular guest on Ch 9’s Footy Show for the past 2 years & is a fixture on the NSW comedy scene. Hung Le, Vietnamese-born & now based in Melbourne, toured in the ethnic laugh spectacular Wog-a-Rama and featured in the ABC documentary ‘What’s so Funny?’ about comedy, ethnicity and political correctness. Tahir (from the SBS cult classic “Fat Pizza”) takes us on our journey through the DVD, as well as performing his own special brand of stand-up. Tahir’s list of stand-up, TV, screen & stage credits is the envy of any performer working in Australia today.

Gabriel Rossi has over 3,000 performances under his belt & re-defines what’s it’s like to be Italian in Australia; Dave Callan has been a writer on “Rove” for the past 2 years & lays claim to be the hairiest comedian currently on the circuit; Tommy Dean is an ex-pat Yank who prefers Sydney’s Harbour to L.A.’s smog and Jilkamu (a.k.a. Sean Choolburra), Townsville born & raised, a former Bangarra Dance Company member & accomplished didgeridoo player unveils an Australia many of us are not so familiar with.

Join our masters of mirth as they take a hilarious and satirical poke at what makes us all so different but so much the same. The DVD has some great extras including – live menus, a rather interesting quiz and a bonus Steve Abbott clip.

So jump in your ride, pick up some curry, kebabs & pizza & get over to your mate’s place for a night of spectacular roots!

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