Cameron James Special Taping for TV

Cool offer for my podcast legends

Cameron James Live TV Special Taping.

Sep 20


The Comedy Store

Hello Horny Babies and Slaters! If you are reading this it's because I've told you all about this stand up special I'm filming for TV, and I want you there! The show is being filmed in Sydney at The Comedy Store - an amazing venue - and I'd love an amazing crowd of cool, smart and friendly people. And if they can't make it, you guys will do. JK, I love you. You guys have meant so much to me over the past year or two and I wanted to thank you all by offering you free tickets to this show! Fill out the form below, and let us know how many tix you're after. Seeya then, babies!!

How many tix do you want? Also, say something nice to me. Or tell me your dreams. And remember there are limited tickets available, so first in best dressed!

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