Carl Barron – Collection

Carl Barron - A One Ended Stick


Over 500,000 DVDs sold in Australia and counting…

Carl Barron has been dubbed one of Australia’s hottest

comic talents. He has appeared on shows such as The

Footy Show, Rove [live], Hey Hey and Standing Up.

His non-threatening observational style appeals to all sorts.

In this very special collection, Carl Barron has the audience

in stitches from the moment he walks out and says …

“How’s it goin?”

Carl Barron’s topics jump from one to the other and back again, until you find yourself helpless with laughter. What a collection this is; a mixture of stand up, musical attempts and crazy facial expressions. Barron captured his audience from the word “go”. People were laughing so hard they were either crying or nearly falling out of their chairs.

As a first class comedian who plays off audience reactions with ease, Carl Barron’s comedy brings out the funny side of everyday life. His show is worth watching just to hear his new spin on fart jokes. Australian comedy, so achingly funny you may be in danger of wetting your pants. No fuss, just a really good belly laugh!

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