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Carl Barron Collectors gift set

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Carl Barron is Australia’s most loved and most popular stand-up comic. He has touched the hearts of thousands of people with his stories that all of us can relate to. Every great moment is packed into this very special Collector’s Gift Set which will have you laughing until “a little wee comes out”!
CARL BARRON: LIVE He’s the self-professed love child of Paul Kelly & Ghandi & he’s one of Australia’s most loved stand-up comedians…in this very special 70 minute performance, he has the audience in stitches from the moment he walks out and says…”How’s it goin?”
CARL BARRON: WHATEVER COMES NEXT… Join the all-conquering international King of Observations as he serves up part two in “Whatever Comes Next”. Featuring over an hour of his award winning show, sit back, grab a cuppa tea or an orange juice and feel part of the audience for a night of classic Carl Barron.
CARL BARRON: WALKING DOWN THE STREET Carl Barron’s topics jump from one to the other and back again until you find yourself helpless with laughter. What a show this is, a mixture of stand up, musical attempts and crazy facial expressions. People were laughing so hard they were either crying or nearly falling out of their chairs.
CARL BARRON: WOMPOO ST A comical, honest and unpretentious account of Carl and his father’s journey back to Longreach to rediscover the town where he was born and to perform for the first time.

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