Jimeoin – All Over the Shop

Jimeoin all over the shop


On a warm night in June in the year of our Lord 2001, Jimeoin stepped on stage at The Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. He shouldn’t have been there. They were expecting the Bay City Rollers, but no one seemed to noticed. It rocked!

I feel like I haven’t written enough….so, what else? Oh, a quick gag:

This guy goes to the doctor, and says ‘I’ve got a strawberry stuck up my bum’ and the doctor says ‘oh, I’ve got some cream for that…’

There you go, now come and see me live!

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Special Features: Jimeoin biography

Available: DVD and iTunes

Audio format: Dolby Digital Stereo

Video format: 4X3 Full Frame

Time: 80 minutes

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