The Umbilical Brothers – Maximum Visual Impact Box Set

Umbies maximum impact box set

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Look at you, reading a blurb to determine whether or not this DVD set is for you…you’re prudent. I like that.

But YOU looked at it right? So that means either:
1)You already know the Umbilical Brothers…but if so, you’d be too busy buying this to read the blurb.
2) You’ve seen these guys in their numerous TV appearances (again, you’d already been buying it)
3) You’re one of the gazillion people who have seen them live somewhere around the world and want to own that experience (yep, you’re buying it)
4) You’ve watched your kids or college friends kill themselves with laughter watching The Upside Down Show and want to check out their other stuff (buying it)
5) You’re swayed by awards, and heard that their live shows and nearly every aspect of these DVD’s have won awards. Right down to the menus (buying it).
Seriously, the menu has won an award! I know right?!
No matter what your age, sex, creed or species, you will find something inside to make you laugh. There’s a lot of physical comedy – stuff that SOUNDS crappy on a DVD box,. but THEY’RE AMAZING AT IT. Like, seriously. To give you an example of how funny physical comedy can be, hit the person next to you. How did they respond? This collection is FUNNIER THAN THAT!

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