The Umbilical Brothers – Speedmouse

Umbies Speedmouse

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Live From The Sydney Opera House:

The internationally renowned duo, the Umbilical Brothers, have played at every major comedy festival in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and are now releasing their first DVD!

The Umbilical Brothers give theater-goers a standing room only look at their unique collaboration of comedy, physical skill and vocal ingenuity. Using a high octane mix of tightly choreographed mayhem, mime and live audio-acrobatics, writers / performers David Collins and Shane Dundas create an imaginative world, full-tilt with adventures, where anything can happen.




- Umbilically Enhanced Live Menu

- Actors Commentary

- Outtakes

- Unofficial Bootleg Version of the Show

- The 15 Second Commercial

- The Making of the 15 Second Commercial

- MTV Spots

- The Umbies Presenting a Logie

- An Ad for some Socks

- A Completely Unnecessary Music Video

- Plus other pointless stuff to fill the disc


Rating: MA 15+

Language English

Region: All

Audio format: Dolby Digital Stereo

Video format: 1.78:1



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