The Rehearsal – Now – 31st May

With only a week to create their new Melbourne Comedy Festival show from scratch, the lads decide to name it The Rehearsal. That way, no-one would have anything to complain about. They got away with it until the Edinburgh Fringe, where a savvy punter observed "it just seemed like two blokes mucking around in their lounge room after too many beers". Meanwhile, the critic at The Stage proclaimed the show "a work of genius". Who would you believe: a highly reputable British theatre publication, or some bloke who uses the word "bloke"?

Look, it's at least a show about a rehearsal. Or a rehearsal for that show.

Creatively misused multi-media, audience participation, suspicious furry glove puppets, tangents that shouldn't be taken...all for a show that will theoretically happen at another time, in another venue. In this, a very different Umbilical experience, they take you inside their Creative Process, and don't let you out until your brain explodes.

Check back soon for tour dates

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