The Umbilical Brothers


The Umbilical Brothers have a new show and it’s a kids show!

It contains violence, sexual references, drug taking and frequent coarse language. It is absolutely NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.

With the best intentions in the world, Dane (David) and Shavid (Shane) come onstage to perform a fun show for the kids with singing, dancing, audience participation, and storytelling. Unfortunately the audience is made up of nothing but adults – and if there’s one thing adults don’t want to see, it’s a kid’s show.

Under 15’s won’t be admitted, but if you’re an adult, bring your inner child along. It’s too late for that to be any more effed up than it already is.

Reviews for “A Kids Show (Not Suitable for Children)” 

Adelaide Fringe Festival

****1/2 – Adelaide Advertiser – Feb 25, 2015

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

**** – Funny Tonne

Watch The Umbilical Brothers is Heaven By Storm


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